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We are ready to help you grow your Print On Demand business. Like Merch by Amazon, Gearlaunch, Teespring Etc.

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We can help you to start your Merch by Amazon journey to get approve your account.

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We are here to help you to start your small business with Facebook Ads.

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Do you want to improve your skill with Graphics design, Digital Marketing & Online Business? We have experts to always help you to share their knowledge.

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Md Al Imran Adoy
Md Al Imran Adoy — Founder & CEO.

Internet Marketing, Facebook Ads, Merch by Amazon, Amazon KDP and Print On Demand Business experts.

This is Md Al Imran Adoy a marketing professional. I have been working as a full-time digital marketer for the last 3 years, I have a digital marketing Team Adoy Tech and working with an American e-commerce platform Gearlaunch as a partner. I’m here to show you how digital marketing work’s effectively for your business. ​

Good marketing is a lot more than just setting up ads and good looking web pages, it needs a good strategy at all levels. Let me help you identify and implement that strategy for your business. I have an excellent expertise with Facebook ads, Shopify, Merch by Amazon, KDP, and all of Print On Demand business and good communication skills.

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When I was a job hunter, Suddenly I saw Adoy Tech course module. Then I started to learn their Graphics Design course. After 6 Month later Its changed my life. Thank you team Adoy Tech.
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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Thank you Adoy Tech team. We are really heppy to part of you.
Name 2
Another Milestone in the Journey! Thanks Adoy Tech for your support.
Sojib Sadman
Hit 1 Million in under a year yesterday! BOOM Thanks Adoy Tech.
Aurun Das
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